Kraftwerk - The Man Machine

Kraftwerk - The Man Machine

The Man-Machine is the seventh studio album by Kraftwerk, released in 1978. It was released in German as Die Mensch-Maschine. It contains the song "The Model" which was a #1 single in the UK in 1982. This was the first Kraftwerk album to see Karl Bartos co-credited with song-writing along with Hütter & Schneider. Emil Schult co-wrote the lyrics for "The Model". Musically, it builds on Trans-Europe Express. The initial recording had been made at Kraftwerk's own Kling Klang studio, but further work was done at nearby Studio Rudas, where Detroit sound engineer Leanard Jackson of Whitfield Records, who had worked on Rose Royce's second album the previous year, was hired to work on the final sound-mix. 

이 비디오는 1926년작 영화 Metropolis 에 크라프트베르크의 음악을 합쳐 놓은 것입니다.

(이렇게 서로 다른 두 가지를 합쳐둔 걸 mash-up 이라고 합니다.)

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